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Hi Graduates, Do u have a Job Interview Scheduled for you? Now get yourself ready with the resumes, aptitude assessment, technical interview, and HR Interview.

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College Guide helps graduated to plan for their career well ahead in time and make themselves ready for the placements. It’s a multi dimentional website where an individual can find job postings, Scholarships, prepare a resume with templates available and connect with experts.

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Online Placement Assignment

Online Placement Assignment is a college guide helps students in colleges and universities to assess readiness in their preparation towards placements. Placement tests primarily assess abilities in English, aptitude, logical reasoning, mathematics, and many more. Colleges may also use placement tests in other disciplines such as foreign languages, computer and internet technologies, health and natural sciences. The goal is to make the fresh candidate ready for there placements with their aptitude exams.

Job Listing

Employment is a key concern for all graduated pursuing their degree courses. Career Guide is a website that also deals specifically with employment and careers. Here we provide career and job-search advice and describe different job descriptions or employers. Through a job website, a prospective employee can locate and fill out a job application that suites his interest and profession.

Interview Questions

Preparing for an interview ahead of time can help you feel confident and relaxed. Take time to practice interview answers, in advance which can help you secure a job offer. Here we offer different possible interview questions from various aspects which helps to be the best for yourself.

Scholarship Corner

Scholarships Corner is a diverse forum where individuals aspiring to pursue higher studies or polishing their educational and professional skills can find all the requisite website links, scholarship programs, fellowships, exchange programs, conferences, Summer Programs, available in India and Abroad.

Connect Experts

This website also provides eminent experts from various fields which helps the fresh candidate to connect with. We enable you to connect with a broad range of experts on the topics most relevant to you -providing you with the breadth of information required to address dynamic real-time business challenges. We strive to establish a strong global network of experts across industry groups and sub-groups, that can help you to gain knowledge.

Resume Template

The best resume templates have a professional design optimized for applicant tracking systems (ATS) used by virtually all major companies. Career Guide provides a helping hand, for the job seekers to prepare their resume with the professional resume templates available.


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College Guide is the wonderful platform to find jobs, scholarships and to prepare many things. Also helpful for freshers to get job by learning in this site..


This site is really helpful in finding different scholarships and job opportunities that we were mostly unaware of. It has helped many of my friends in getting many opportunities.


A best platform for guidelines indeed..Most helpful.. Site providing complete info.




Its been the best ever compiled page to get the maximum benefit of national and international schlorships,jobs etc .

Taylor Laura

One of the best place to find the better opportunities.. Follow the page,stay tuned and Grab the best opportunities outta it!!