Basic Steps – How to add products in woocommerce for an E-commerce website. Step by step guide to add products in your store.


WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin that adds e-commerce functionality to your WordPress website so you can have an online store.

Step 1: Install WooCommerce and open your WordPress dashboard.

Step 2: Go to WooCommerce > Products. Then, click Add New to create your first product

Woocommerce products

Step 3: Enter the name of the product in the Product name section


Step 4: Choose product type from the product data drop list.

Product type

Step 5: Fill out the product data meta box.

General tab: Under the General tab, enter the price for regular and sale price.

General tab

Inventory tab: The Inventory tab helps you effectively manage stock.

Inventory tab
  • SKU is a unique identification number available on every product
  • Enter the number of pieces available in the stock quantity
  • Allow back orders if the product is being manufactured and will be available soon.
  • The low stock threshold will notify you when the product’s stock goes below the threshold.

Shipping tab:

  1. In the Shipping tab, you can control important details about a physical product for shipping
Shipping tab

Linked products tab:

  1. Linked products are recommendations to improve store revenue.
  2. There are two ways to accomplish it : cross-sells and up-sell
Linked Products

Attributes tab:

  1. Attributes will help you set things like color options, sizes, and more. Attributes and variations

Advanced tab:

  1. The Advanced tab can be used for adding a purchase note that appears after placing an order.
  2. You can also enable customer reviews.
Advanced tab

Step 6: Write short description about the product in the Product short description box.

Product short description

Step 7: Click the publish button

Once you double-check that all of the product details are correct, you can hit Publish to make your product live.


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