What is Sanskriti – Geddes Scholarship ?

Sanskriti – Geddes Scholarship is inviting applications for the study of the methodology and principles of Geddes town planning from students of planning and architecture/young professionals. The objective of the scholarship is to promote and advance interest in and understanding of Patrick Geddes principles of town planning. This scholarship will provide an opportunity to create awareness among young planners and architects of Geddes’ principle of place, work and folk. The selected applicants will receive a scholarship worth INR 45000 for 6 months. The candidates may be invited to present the findings in a seminar in Delhi.

Who is offering this scholarship ?

Sanskriti Foundation is offering this scholarship.

Who can apply for this scholarship ?

The scholarship is open to individuals or a group of individuals who follow the below eligibility criteria:

  • Be an Indian national
  • Be in the age group of 20-30
  • Be a student of planning and architecture at the graduate/postgraduate/research level in a recognized university
  • Or a young practising professional in architecture

What are the benefits ?

The selected candidates will receive a scholarship worth INR 45000 for the 6-month program which will be given in two phases. The first instalment shall be disbursed at the commencement of the scholarship while the second instalment shall be disbursed after the submission of the complete project report.

How can you apply ?

Follow the steps below to apply for the scholarship:
Step 1: Visit the web page here and read the instructions carefully.
Step 2: Prepare a two-page CV and a proposal.
Step 3: Send the names and contact addresses/telephones of two referees.
Step 4: Send the application, bearing the title ‘Sanskriti – Geddes Scholarship’ on the envelope, to the below address:

Sanskriti Foundation  
C-11, Qutab Institutional Area  
New Delhi-110 016

Step 5: Alternatively, the applications can be sent by email to fellowships@sanskritifoundation.org

What are the important dates ?

The applications for Sanskriti – Geddes Scholarship will be accepted throughout the year.

Terms and Conditions

  • The proposal should not merely be a compilation of reports but should contain a well-researched proposal which would advance the application of the Geddes ideas.
  • The proposal should include a plan of action including field visits and the availability of archival material relevant to that study.
  • A bibliography of the reports, websites browsed should accompany the proposal.
  • The proposal can also focus on a section of the city/mohalla.
  • The applicant has to expose the methodology of the diagnostic survey and conservative surgery as a visible strategic option for the renewal of cities in India.
  • Priority will be given to such proposals which trace and advances the relevance of Geddes’ ideas and work.
  • The project proposal should be written in 1500 words with reference to the specific city /section/mohalla.
  • The applicant will have to sign an agreement with Sanskriti Pratishthan pertaining to a regular flow of work during the scholarship period.
  • The candidate should not be holding another scholarship/fellowship or working on any other project at the same time.
  • In the event of non-completion and non-compliance to any of the terms and conditions mentioned above, the scholarship amount must be returned.
  • After three months of work, an interim report has to be submitted to the coordinator.
  • The report will be circulated to the Committee who may offer comments to the researcher to consider and a final report when submitted will also be reviewed by the committee and any changes required can be incorporated.
  • The candidate may be invited to present the findings in a seminar in Delhi.


Contact details

Sanskriti Foundation  
C-11, Qutab Institutional Area  
New Delhi-110 016

Email: fellowships@sanskritifoundation.org