Seoul National University Scholarship in South Korea 2021 (Fully Funded)

The Post has been updated. Admissions for the Seoul National University Scholarship For International Students are now Open. The Scholarship is to undertake Masters/MPhil and Ph.D. and MS leading to Ph.D. for Spring 2021. You have Just 10 Days to complete the application for the Seoul National University scholarships for Foreign Students. SNU Global Scholarship does not require IELTS/TOEFL. Did you ever think that this pandemic would bring a great opportunity for you? As recently Microsoft announced Microsoft Online Internship 2020

Just check on Google the ranking of this University and then come back again to read this post. Seoul National University is one of the top-ranked University in the World and always remain in the top 100 Universities in all the Rankings. This Year SNU Scholarship is offering Scholarships for Master StudentsMasters/MPhil and Ph.D. and MS leading to Ph.D. Recently, some Top Companies also announced Free Online Internships with Free Certificates

The Seoul University offering a wide range of academic fields consists of the Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Business Administration, Agriculture, and Life Sciences, Education, Human Ecology, Public Administration, Environmental Studies, International Studies, Engineering, Medical Sciences & Arts Etc. SNU Scholarship is open to all the Nationalities. Keep Reading this Post below as you will find the most useful information.

Seoul National University Scholarship Details

  • Country: South Korea
  • University: Seoul National University
  • Course Level: Masters/MPhil and Ph.D. MS leading to Ph.D
  • Deadline: 30th July 2020

Scholarship Coverage

Seoul University Scholarships for international students will cover the following expenses. All the students with any majors with excellent profiles can also apply for GSFS scholarship by SNU, which is offered every Spring.

  • 1.This scholarship covers tuition fees and stipends for two years.
  • 2.Free Accommodation
  • 3.The stipend would be enough to cover your Food and other expenses.

The funding comes down to the point to get from Professors. For this, you have to contact professors in your relevant fields/ majors. How? read below the details

Available Fields of Study

SNU has one Graduate School with 99 programs across five fields of study.

Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Business Administration, Agriculture, and Life Sciences, Education, Human Ecology, Public Administration, Environmental Studies, International Studies, Engineering, Medical Sciences & Arts

You can find the List of Programs in the Program Section. 

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How to Contact a Professor for SNU Scholarship 2021

you do not need acceptance letters from professors in Korea, this is not China, where you need acceptance letters. 

If professors agree on to support you financially for tuition fees and a monthly stipend in his/her emails, then that means, he/she will fund your students, therefore, no need to ask him for any acceptance letters. Just keep him in the loop when filling the application form of the university and keep him updated if he/she agrees.

How to contact professors, Read below:

  • 1.Fill the application form of this university only on the condition if any professors agree to cover your tuition fee and living expenses. If no professors agree, then it is better not to apply or if you afford the application fee, then do take the chances.
  • 2.NO IELTS or TOEFL is required if you provide a letter from your University that medium of instruction was in English (English Proficiency Certificate by your parent university) Good Opportunity for Low CGPA holders.
  • 3.Dear all if you bombard professor emails with your bad and irrelevant CVs without any email body. You are rejected for sure but also you make a bad impression of your country that all are the same as you.
  • 4.And one thing for sure, that if you do bad for others, you get bad always. So try to send emails after reading 05 guides and reading professor profiles carefully, making a good email and mentioning in it how you can be useful to his lab and with your research CV. I hope you get a positive reply and hence you apply for admission than

Eligibility Criteria

  1. 1.Both the applicant and his/her parents are not citizens of Korea; the applicant has attained an equivalent level of education.
  2. 2.Master’s/Combined Master’s & Doctoral: The applicant must hold a bachelor’s degree or higher.
  3. 3.Doctoral: The applicant must hold a master’s degree or higher.
  4. 4.Proof of Language Proficiency.

Required Documents

  1. 1.Personal Statement and Study Plan
  2. 2.Two Letters of Recommendation from Two Different Recommenders
  3. 3.Official Bachelor’s Certificate of Graduation and Transcript
  4. 4.Official Master’s Certificate of Graduation and Transcript (Applicable for applicants of doctoral’s degree)
  5. 5.A copy of the Applicant’s Passport
  6. 6.Other Official Document indicating the Applicant’s Nationality
  7. 7.Copies of Both Parents’ Passport
  8. 8.Other Official Document indicating Both Parents’ Nationality.
  9. 9.Other Official Document indicating Parent-child Relationship between the Applicant and his/her Parents

Note: Please Must Read the PDF Document For Full Documents List & Guidelines

Application Timeline

The Last Date to apply for the Seoul National University Scholarship in South Korea is 30th July 2020

How to Apply

The Applying Process is Online & You have to Checkout the Application Guide for the Detailed Information. To Find the Procedure and to Apply, Please Visit the Official Website of the Seoul National University.